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Follow these to be Productive while Commuting Long Distances.

Sometimes we all become worried about wasting our time while commuting long-distance regularly for whatever reason. It is daunting for almost everyone but even more for productive people. For productive individuals, it’s not always about the energy that is wasted, but more about the time which is not very well utilized.

They are always thinking about the things which can be done in that time, which is wasted while traveling. Life is too short for wasting even a single minute not doing something good. Here I am not claiming that you should work all your waking hours of the day, but I am referring to spending that time in any activity whatsoever for your betterment.

I doubt you haven’t thought about the time you are wasting while traveling to the location where you are working, either it could be your business or office. Sometimes situations are not very favorable that we can work from anywhere, for those moments we will be discussing few options that can be followed so that we can utilize our time gracefully.

Table of content
· Podcast
· Tutorials
· Blogging
· Networking
· Final Thoughts


Podcast, probably if you aren’t aware of what is a podcast, then in simple terms podcast is when two or more individuals in which one of them is an expert of any particular topic are discussing it. Now, this topic could be related to anything, some of them could be of your choice, others might not be relevant to you.

But the crunch of the entire podcast comes out to be productive, only if it is from an expert. It will be researched for you to find out the topic that fascinates you, in learning more about that specific topic. The topic can even be understanding influential people’s journey to success.

Now the obvious question will arise where can I find one such podcast. So for that, we have a couple of options available like Google podcast, Apple podcast, and even youtube have many such podcasts available.

Many podcasts are available free of cost, but for any specific podcasts, you might need to take a premium plan for that service. Look out for that yourself.

The podcast could be very informative and if you are serious about learning something new out of it. You can learn a lot in your long commute. One such podcast is Joe Rogan and Elon musk where they discussed lots of interesting stuff. You may listen to that on Youtube. Click to reach


We all have times when we are stuck in work and that tutorial which is long sitting in our watch later list, is still resting there endlessly.

While we are working we don’t get much time get time to open that tutorial. So what are those long commutes for, start building the backlog of things you wanted to learn.

Yes, then we know the drill, nothing fancy needs to be done. You probably will be needing good-quality headphones along with a smartphone. Technology has given us so much, that we need not worry about sitting at a place and learn about things.

Now for reference if you are unaware of the platform that has good tutorials them some of them are Udemy, Udacity, and Coursera, etc. These are in no way an exhaustive list, you already know which website is good for you, and don’t think twice before spending money on such things.


Unfortunately, this advice is not for everyone since everyone is not interested in blogging. But I believe everyone should share their learning with others this helps everyone grow.

Probably I believe this, that we should always try to help others in any way possible. Even for me, if a single person would be benefitted out of any of my articles, my mission is fulfilled.

While traveling to a longer distance, try doing blogging, you will get a lot of new thoughts which you might not get while sitting at your workplace. This also depends upon person to person, however, your mind works best to follow that path. At least in my life, I have learned that there is no strategy that works for all, so ideally don’t try to imitate other’s strategies.

There are various different platforms that you can use to blog, like Medium, Blogger, and even you can have your own website. Choose your weapon of attack and again do your research.


Wasting of time scrolling feeds from insanely creative people on different social media platforms. It’s much better if you are being part of creating such an ecosystem that is used for entertaining people, but if that’s not the case, so stop scrolling now.

The problem is not with the platform, there are various other networking platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram if you know how to use them properly, you can do wonders. Instead of endless scrolling through the feeds, it’s better to utilize your time in networking with the people who are probably like-minded and can help you in the future.

This is probably a two-way process you will also be one who would be helping the other and make the system workable.

A quote from the research The benefits of social networking services.

This review finds that there are a number of significant benefits associated with the use of SNS including delivering educational outcomes; facilitating supportive relationships; identity formation; and, promoting a sense of belonging and self-esteem.

If you want to read more about the research, feel free to read it from here. Click to reach

Final Thoughts

So being productive is always very crucial in making our life worth something. Now the definition of being productive might differentiate for each one of us.

So we are our best judge to choose the things which we can do and it won't feel like that our day is wasted.

The above mentioned are some of the methods that can be followed to utilize our time, but make sure don't get into the trap of being always productive. Since relaxation is also part of being productive, otherwise you will suffer from burnout.

Enjoy life to its fullest and make sure it is worth everything we do.



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