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Stress and Tension: Activities that you Need to Live Stress-Free Life.

Nowadays everyone is tensed in some way or the other. Some are tensed about their career, others about their life. We all must have heard about the fact of living in the moment, and not get worried about the past or future. Since we cannot do much about the past but surely living in the present will help us in making our future good. But overthinking will kill more dreams than achieve them and leads to tension.

There is this saying from a monk that we shouldn’t restrict our minds, since it has the capacity to think even while we are eating. So why are you restricting it to just live in the moment? Our brain is been designed by some supernatural being. We all agree that the brain working is so complex that we till now are not able to crack the entire science behind its working.

We are replicating the working of the brain to make all these machine learning and Artificial logic. So we should at least know the power of our brain, and we should do maximum so that we utilize our brain to its maximum capability.

Since we all must have felt that while listening to some motivational story we become so much motivated that at that time we can do those things which were sleeping somewhere in our brain.

Something must be going on inside our brain which is initiating that feeling. Majorly that hormone is called Dopamine that leads your brain to work to create happiness and make you feels fulfilled and relieved. I think you got the context that we need to play in our body to make a feel-good and make our body ready for taking any stress. It would not be right to say that we will never face any situation that will make us stressed, o better be prepared for those.


Hormones play a very crucial role in making us feel the way we feel. Some days we feel like we are on top of the world, but on the other days, we feel very low. Obviously, we need to indulge in activities that make us feel happy. Many lucky people find spirituality very early day of their life. Spirituality is something that has given lots of people a unique agenda in their life, that makes them happy. I am no one to preach to you about spirituality, as I have not mastered it myself, but this much I can say surely, I felt the power already.

Take out some time for doing some activity that makes you happy, this could be listening to music, taking a walk, praying to god, spending time with your loved ones. All these activities help you in making you feel fulfilled. Feel gratitude for what you have and work hard.

Physically Active

We all are aware of the fact that being physically fit is very important. If you spend your entire day at your work desk, thinking a lot can be done during that time, the end result is you becoming more sluggish and losing your productivity. Your creativity level goes down the drain. Being physically active makes your brain release dopamine. Dopamine helps in making things positive for you.

Any half an hour training of making your heart rate high will help you in releasing Dopamin at its best. After the workout, you will feel an insane level of feel-good hormones released and now you would be able to contribute to your work differently. But this is not a day process, but things take time, so be patient and feel the change.


Sleeping by far is the best medicine a living being has. Its goes without saying that sleeping makes our muscles, brain so much relaxed. Even after being tired for the entire day, a sound sleep makes us fresh the next morning and ready for new challenges

A good sleep makes your brain sharper, refreshes your mood. While sleeping our blood pressure goes down while we sleep which makes us feel relaxed. While you are sleeping your immunity also boost as it helps your immune system to rejuvenate itself, and it becomes ready for fighting whatever comes in its way. A deep undisturbed sleep of 7–8 hours is very important for us to work at our maximum productivity. With a healthy body, we will know the art to handle any problem that comes our way. Final Thoughts Never trust the person who says to ignore the things which give you tension, as that is totally not possible, Since if something is making us tensed that means it plays some role in our lives and we are desperate enough to fix that things at the earliest. We can’t simply ignore the things which make us feel bad, but we should learn the art of handling anything which can make us tensed. We should firstly give the problem some quality time, as many times things which are looking like a mountain at the moment, would look like a stone in the future (Happened thousand times with me). Moreover, we should prepare ourselves in such a way that we do our best, and the most important part is to optimize our body, by indulging in physical activities, understanding the power of quality sleep. All these contribute to making us feel good and release feel-good hormones as told earlier. If you are alive there would something that will make us think. Never avoid things, but face them even if they are not in your favor. Having a go-to attitude is all we need. Hope you all will be able to deal with the problems gracefully. Even if at the moment we don’t have the solution for the problem wait let your brain act upon it. Surely you will get some way of dealing with the problem.




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