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2022 Goals That Are Practical.

Let’s discuss what are some of the realistic goals that have the potential to become your new year resolution.

We are always curious of doing something different, unique with each consequent new year. Unfortunately many of us are not strong willed to stick with those new year resolutions. There is another school of thought, that say might be the resolution which we took are two broad, and are not realistic for everyone.

Not everyone has the tendency to wake up early at odd hours like Dwayne Johnson(The Rock) and before even the clock hits 7-O'Clock, like him we already are done with two rounds of cardio. Actually even I am not very convinced that this is possible for everyone. Since I have came across people who are having a very different routine, waking up early might not be realistic for them. Our goals should depends upon our requirement and not based upon some well accepted standards. If a person due to their work gets only few hours of sleep, the obvious goal which I’ll suggest would be to add couple hours to their sleeping time. So this article is all about some of the real time goals which can easily be followed. Just a disclaimer this is of course not any exhaustive list. The goal behind the list is to help you understand the practicality of the goals that we should opt instead of some random bullshit heard in random motivational video. It's the time to buckle up as we are about to start.

Carry your water bottle everywhere.

So this goals is indirectly motivating you drink more water than usual. Instead of having an resolution that you will drink X liters of water everyday. We can have a practical resolution of carrying the water bottle and refilling it whenever we get an outlet. By this we will be able to achieve two big goals. Firstly, we will have an account of the amount of water we have consumed in the entire day. Secondly, we would make sure that we aren’t wasting money in purchasing new plastic bottles from the shops, that will ultimately end up in dustbin. It will require entire recycling process to take place, and which will just the waste resources. By adding this goal you can be proud of yourself that you have already contributed to help make earth cleaner.

Prefer stairs over anything.

You want to be fit and having a goal that I will loose X kg in next few months is good, but it will ultimately end up in a guilt trip if you aren’t able to achieve it. The obvious choice is to workout, but what if I tell you that there is very good way you can burn more calories just by avoiding the elevator. This is the guru mantra for your next resolution so repeat after me “whenever I will see an elevator I will run towards the stairs” Now instead of purchasing a gym membership, you can go for an alternative of always climbing the stairs. Weather those ladder are in the train station, airports or the workplace you will climb those.

Walk and talk.

Now walking 10000 steps isn’t a breeze also if you aren’t aware about the hidden benefit of walking 10000 steps daily do read it here. In short 10000 steps is said to be a standard, which is obviously two generic for everyone, but work if you follow it. Now to put in some extra steps in your daily routine you can add some activity by pledging that you will always try to walk whenever possible. Weather you are in any of your official call or while talking with your friend. You won't just sit and talk, even while watching series of your choice. Walk and shine.

Read at least one article everyday.

Everyone want to be a reader, many of us look for recommendation from famous individuals like Bill Gates, Warren buffett. Even though we purchase those books most of the time those book end up in the book self. I am in no way even in my wildest dream saying book reading isn’t worth it. But what I am trying to say, instead of jumping from zero in reading books to hero of reading the entire book.

Make a routine of reading an article everyday. Article from the writer you love, admire. Slowly inculcate the habit of reading multiple articles. Once you made yourself ready for reading, it the time to go for the entire book. Now you will admire it more and there is high chances of finishing the entire book.

Reduce at least 10% of daily Sugar intake.

Sugar is bad, you must have heard from everyone. Even I have heard by various influencer, actors suggesting others to drop the sugar intake to zero and get into the greek god like physique. This might be best fitness advice which you might hear, but reality is entirely different. Eliminating sugar from your diet will give you anxiety on the contrary reducing the sugar intake might be a good resolution. Make it your goal that you will reduce 10–15% percent of your current sugar intake. Just by skipping a tea or eliminate that sugary beverage from your diet.

Praise yourself at least once.

They say gratitude is something which you should all cherish and practice. Exactly the same is our next goal. Try to understand the reality about what you have, the fact that we are alive and breathing is enough for praising yourself. Other good things you can find for yourself. Make it an habit this new year that you will praise yourself at least once in the entire day, even if that is for a very small good deed you did today.

Turn off any unnecessary light.

Global warming is a thing, and we all must acknowledge it. Even though we might not know about the exact thing we can do to reduce it. Although everyone reading is smart enough, I will suggest to add a routine of switching off every light which are not of use anymore. Let’s suppose at your house you see light is switched on for more that 5 minutes and nobody is using it. Turn it off. Go little rockstar do it.

Fill 5% less food required to fill you.

I guess this is a very good tip which I read from a famous book about Ikigai which we all can include in our real life. So we can start by filling our plate with 5% less food then we know we can eat. Whenever we are at a party we overkill our self with excessive food. For example If you can eat two pizza slices, good for you eat them but never fill your plate with that extra slice which you will anyway throw in the dustbin. Saving food should be your goal, as many are starving for food.

Final thoughts

These are some of the practical new year resolution which you can opt. As told earlier these are just a guide that the type of goals we should be looking towards. Instead of any random unrealistic goal. Since you have reached till this point as a reward I want to give a personal goal of mine which you could also include into your resolution is reducing the volume of your headphones. As we have a habit of listening the music at a very loud volume which affects our hearing. I try to keep volume to minimal where I can hear the volume properly, also I prefer loudspeaker instead of earphone wherever possible. That’s all from me for this article, hope you will get your goals for this new year and I trust you will follow them for many years.


About The Author

Apoorv Tomar is the Software developer and founder of Mindroast. You can connect with him on Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. Subscribe to the newsletter for the latest curated content.



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