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Episode 24 | Technology News | Saturday, 19th March 2022.

Get updated about the latest curated news, event, hackathons and latest information happening in the technology world.

Table of content.
1. Game Developers Conference 2022.
  1. Game Developers Conference 2022. Date: March 21-25, 2022 The game developer conference is an onsite cum online event for bringing the entire game industry together. GDC is a celebration of the art, craft, and business of game development. This event is for all those developers who are into game dev, along with this for anyone who wants to start their career in game dev. Following people should join. - Game Designers. - Game Programmers. - Business and Marketing Professionals. - Producers and Team/Studio Managers. - Visual Artists. - Career Seekers. Important Link. Read more: Click here


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