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Episode 22 | Technology News | Saturday, 5th March 2022.

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Get updated about the latest curated news, event, hackathons and latest information happening in the technology world.

Table of content.
1. Code India Code: Qualification Round.
2. RedisDays.
3. O’Reilly Radar.
  1. Code India Code: Qualification Round Date: 6th March - 7th March 2022. Geeks for geeks code India code competition date are out, if you have already registered then you might have received an email from the organiser about the information about the competition. On 6th March, there is a qualification round, post clearing this round you will get a cleared to the final round which will help you earn up to Rs 7 lakhs and all the glories which will come as a reward. The details about the competition can be read on the following link added into the important link section. Important Link: Read More: Click here

  2. RedisDays Date: March 15, March 23, March 31 Redis experts have come up with Redis days this March. The lineup has been confirmed for speakers, you can find them here (Click here). Redis is broadcasting live from: - London on March 15 - San Francisco on March 23 - New York on March 31 It's a free event, register for all three. Important Link Read more: (Click here)

  3. O’Reilly Radar. O’Reilly Radar is presenting a free event. O’Reilly Radar gives CxOs, team leaders, and managers the opportunity to join a group of luminaries who are helping define the future of work, focusing on our most important asset—people. Important Link Read more: Click here


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