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Episode 23 | Technology News | Saturday 12th March 2022.

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Table of content.
1. Data Modeling with MongoDB.
2. Linux Foundation: 10th annual OS Jobs Report survey
  1. Data Modeling with MongoDB. If you are always facing issues while deciding upon a scalable model while you starting with a new project. In the live webinar, they will help you understand the main consideration to ponder while making any data model. You will learn : - The differences between data modeling in MongoDB vs. relational databases - The key considerations for data modeling with MongoDB - How to further enhance the power of the document model with schema design patterns Important link: (Source Mongo) Registration Link: Click here

  2. Linux Foundation: 10th annual OS Jobs Report survey. You can participate in the 10th annual OS Jobs report survey sponsored by edX. You can be completely Anonymous while making marking your feedback by hiding your email id and name. The data shared by you would be completely confidential and won't be shared with anyone. Consider filling out the form. Important Links: (Source: Linux Foundation Training & Certification) Survey Link: Click here


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