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Demystifying 5G | Anything to Everything.

With the upcoming 5G technology spectrum for broadband, it is crucial that everyone is well about the 5th generation technology for cellular broadband.

We need to understand the bare minimum of who developed 5G along with who are the key stakeholders that will be taking part in the implementation of the 5G technology. Let's start with introducing the 5G(5th generation), follow by the use case and controversies around 5G.

5G: Definition

As the name suggests 5G stands for the fifth generation of the broadband cellular network that provides high-speed internet and solves the problem of limited simultaneous connections that was a limitation in the case of 4G.

5G was developed by 3GPP (3rd generation partnership program) that unites seven telecommunication standard development organizations. 5G is a cooperation between multiple different companies and organizations across the globe to follow a specification or standardization such that all the networks and devices can work together seamlessly.

5G is an open standard that helps anyone to research and develop. With the help of standardization, we will ensure that throughout the entire globe anyone following these standards would be able to use and develop the new solutions based on 5G.

Fun Fact: The devices that connect to network are increasing at the rate of 25% per year. So we can see that where the need of new technology is coming from since these increase network requirement needs to be fulfilled. Definitely, we require such a solution that does not chocks up the network request.

5G: Use Cases

So the next question arises just for a high-speed Internet do we really need to spend so many resources on developing new technology. So let's discuss what is the additional benefits that we will be getting with the high-speed internet and having a good bandwidth.

  • Improved VR, AR Experience: We all are aware that with 4G we were able to achieve a lot like Virtual reality and Augmented reality. But with the innovation of 5G, we would be able to experience AR and VR in an all-new different way.

  • The production line can be automated on the demand for a particular product since this will help in avoiding a surplus in the market of the product that is not required but to build something which is a necessity in the world

  • Connected vehicle to avoid accidents is by far the best use case of 5G technology. Since instead of human beings, now vehicles can communicate between them to avoid a collision that might happen due to human ignorance. Imagine your car predicting and giving you an alert about the future accidents which would occur due to your negligence. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it?

  • Fast and early alert in case of natural disaster can help in saving a lot of lives. Assuming the device can now communicate at higher speed, uninterrupted, and can notify the right authorities regarding natural calamities like floods, earthquakes so that a proper and timely evacuation plan can be implemented.

  • There are thousands of use cases that can be solved with the development of 5G technology for cellular broadband. But let’s funnel it down with this last one. Many times the right medication does not reach the patient that leads to casualty. With the help of drones and uninterrupted broadband, we can simply reach the right location within the given time.

By now you must have already understood what 5G implementation has to offer. A lot of job opportunities, innovations are on their way. The 5G technology will be used for something good for the betterment of humankind.

Myths around 5G technology.

Let discuss a few of the myths around 5G technology that are floating around in the market.

  • 5G network causes radiation trigger virus.

  • 5G and covid-19 are part of a broader effort to depopulate the earth.

  • The reports of the novel coronavirus actually a cover-up for the installation of 5G towers.

  • The 5G affects your immune system. Let’s discuss the effect of 5 G Technology on the human immune system. As claim by different conspiracy theories reason behind this was that the radio waves can actually cause heating. But 5G is nowhere near strong enough to heat people up enough to have a meaningful effect on the human immune system.

Dr. Simon Clark, associate professor in cellular microbiology at the University of reading as claimed it as “complete rubbish”.

Network Slicing

  • A 5G network can even function as many separate networks — all at the same time.

  • This cool 5G technology is called network slicing. Slices of the network can be tailored for a specific purpose and act as its own independent network.

  • Each slice can optimize the characteristics that are needed for a specific service without wasting resources on things it doesn’t need.

5 G Bands

So let’s discuss 5G radio, frequency bands. 5G radiofrequency can be divided into frequency range 1 and frequency range 2. The FR1 includes Sub 6 GHz frequency bands and on the other hand, FR2 comprises millimeter waves that range shorter but higher available bandwidth. FR1 has a base frequency band ranging from 410 Mhz to 7125 Mhz, but FR2 ranges from 25.26 GHz to 52.6 GHz, but actually millimeter waves frequency band is 30GHz to 300Ghz.

Final Thoughts

So we can all relate that 5G is a technology, that various companies have already started with the basic implementation. We could see it in production very soon.

Nowadays many smartphone manufacturing companies have already started launching 5G bands supported smartphones. You should be aware of which smartphone to buy based on the 5G band that it supports and similar frequency bands should be available in your country.

Many new innovations are upcoming, with the launch of 5G. We should welcome it very open heart.



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