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Perks / Hardships of Becoming A Technical Blogger 2023 | Technical.

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

A blogger who writes about technical content like tutorials for new technology, implementation of new logic, introduction to newly launched frameworks etc. A technical blogger has to research a lot before writing any article.

Although any blogger who researches deeply before writing any article will always generate quality content. We need to understand that there is a slight difference between mere content v/s the quality content.

The agenda of this tutorial is to make you familiar with a few perks and hardships of being a technical blogger. We will also be discussing some of the platforms on which you can opt for starting a career as a freelancing blogger.

Pros of being a Technical Blogger

We all know any work whatsoever has some pros and definitely some cons linked with it. For most of the individuals cons of doing work will demotivate them enough to stop working.

My role here is to help you understand both of the swings of the pendulum. I started with the pros, just to make you motivated enough that the cons don't bother you at all.

According to me, it’s better to know about everything and be well prepared instead of facing them and acting unprepared.


While you are doing some extra work like playing sports, writing a blog, or creating helpful content, exposure is something that you will earn as a side product.

Based on my personal experience, I have been approached by many organisations/individuals who read my content. They either appreciates the work I did or were asking for some sort of collaboration.

This kind of exposure you can also get only if you create quality content. It can either be in the form of blogging, youtube tutorials, online courses, e-books, etc.

Initially, it would be very difficult to get interaction on your blogs, but this is a part of the game. Sooner or later you will get a genuine audience if you write quality content constantly.


Learning is infinite whenever you are doing some work. The same goes with technical blogging is well whenever your writings of work, you are required to do some research.

While researching your knowledge regarding the topic will definitely improve. The well-researched article will have good interactions with the genuine audience.

Improve communication skills.

Communication skills are the way you are able to communicate your thoughts. It doesn’t relate to speaking any particular language proficiently.

I have seen many people who are good at a particular language but still aren’t able to communicate their thoughts. Opting for writing as a career helps you formulate your thoughts more easily and you would be able to think optimally while you speak.

I have seen people improve their communication skills after they started writing. This holds true personally for me as well.


There is a very popular quote that your network is your net worth. I totally agree with it.

I have seen people enjoy various benefits just by having a good network. Generally, you have to give not just receive while creating a good network.

When you start blogging and your article starts to reach a wider audience, there are many people whom you have helped with your content.

This is a human tendency whenever somebody helps us whenever we needed the most. We are more inclined towards that individual.

Now with just writing you have successfully created a connection with your audience. You probably have various people who are ready to help you in case you need them.

Even without visiting different events and doing social media for endless hours, you are successfully able to connect with people who are of the same domain.

All this, I am stating with my personal experience as I have been contacted by numerous people who were matching my vibes. Don’t you think this is already a great win in your writing career?

Cons of being a Technical Blogger


We all are aware of the hustle culture which is required if we want to do more than average. Although hustling is not liked by many of us.

For living peacefully, a balance of work and life is required. But if you want to grow in a specific field you might need to put in some extra work. There could be exceptions for sure, as those people who are blessed with luck. But here I am talking about an average person like me.

In-depth research about the topic requires effort. If you working with any full-time job it becomes tedious at times. Although you are the one who can set limits for everything.

But keep in mind that many people find it difficult to put in extra work of doing something fruitful. But they can endlessly scroll through using fewer feeds on their social media handles. So I will suggest choosing your hard wisely.

Content Generation

Content generation isn’t an easy task. You can generate garbage content endlessly and nobody will give a shit. But as soon as you create worthy content you will see the footfall at your article/content increase manifold.

The quality content requires research. The research requires time. Your comfort and quality content are inversely proportional to each other.

This is hard and you need to put in that extra effort which might take a toll on your health. I personally found a balance, but it was on the cost of publishing less but quality content.

The content creators are mostly anxious about the next work which they are supposed to bring in for their audience. It isn’t as easy as it sounds.

You may have 50 unique ideas at first, but once those ideas are done then it becomes a challenge to bring in the work continuously. This was just to give you a heads-up but not to scare you.

The rewards in form of love from your audience are so much that you will never stop doing it.

Unwanted Hate

We all are well aware of the fact that there are 7 colours in a rainbow, which means we have multiple types of people consuming our content. Now they can either like or hate the work.

Various readers out of nowhere will leave unwanted comments. Although there is no point of doing that.

Personally, I will suggest if you consume someone's work and don’t like it for some reason or the other. I will highly recommend that either you leave the article, or write a constructive comment that the author can read to improve in future.

But as an author, you are more vulnerable to all this hate, if you get offended too soon. You should be prepared for these hate comments/mail. I will suggest ignoring them for a good cause.

If there is something you can learn from them it is well and good. Otherwise, move and improve yourself anyways.

Available platforms


Medium is a platform that helps writers share their idea with a wider audience.

Medium has a very high domain authority which makes it a very good choice for any new writer to start writing on this platform.

The user base of the platform is huge, which gives the writer an added benefit over other platforms. It’s like the youtube of the blogging world.

Dev/Hash node

Dev is a platform which hosts purely technical articles. Here article varies with memes, blogs and communication.

As the niche was related to the technical articles, so obviously audience is mainly related to people who are mostly either software developers, or people who are into the technical domain.

In dev article also provides you with a good markup, that helps writing content directly as a markup. If you are a software developer I am sure you must be already aware of the Readme.MD file.

Personal Blogs

A personal blog as we all know is any blog which we create from scratch all by ourselves. Although you can create a personal blog using platforms like Medium, Hashnode etc. But in the context of this book, I am just referring to the personal blogs which you create using either a website builder or coding your entire blog yourself.

Building a personal blog from scratch has its own cons and pros that we will discuss in this chapter. Some famous authors write on different platforms but also maintain their personal blogging websites. Everyone could have different reasons for that but my justification for having a personal blog is that you can call it your personal brand.


About The Author

Apoorv Tomar is a software developer and blogs at Mindroast. You can connect with him on Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram, and Instagram. Subscribe to the newsletter for the latest curated content. Don’t hesitate to say ‘Hi’ on any platform, just stating a reference of where did you find my profile.



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