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WWDC 2021! What can we Expect?

Apple WWDC is around the corner, the date has already been finalized on June 7, 10 a.m. PDT, will be live directly from Apple Park, Cupertino, California. The link to view the event can be found at the last of the article. So like the last year's event, we can expect lots of new announcements and a hundreds of dedicated sessions where one can learn about lots of Apple's new technology.

200 In Depth Sessions

It's the chance to learn from over 200 in-depth sessions that will help you in creating new apps.

We can book one on one guidance on implementing Apple technologies, UI design principles, managing your app on the App Store, and much more.

Pavillion is available to explore the topic, content of choice which are divided based on related sessions, labs, and special activities. Since it would be almost a week-long event, so if you are a developer those days are specifically for learning.

WWDC keynote can be divided into Hardware and Software announcements, this year we are expecting multiple things to get announced which will make it the biggest WWDC to date. Hopefully, everyone is as excited for all those upcoming innovations that Apple comes up with every year.


Just to keep the things crips we are trying to be on the point so that you are exactly aware of what could be expected. So a successor for the Apple-owned MacBook m1 silicon chip that might be referred to as M2 or M1X. The apple silicon chip would be fast and more battery efficient. If rumors are to be believed, we can say they have a better GPU, but expecting the same configuration CPU. Since we have seen how the m1 chip has performed better compared to other processors, so expecting the successor of m1 to do even better.

The most awaited rumor is about Macbook Pro 14" and 16" notebook variant, with a darker tone, maybe who knows it could be even mat black. After a long time, we are expecting a new design in Macbook and as per the rumors, the MacBook Pro will not have the touch bar, since personally, we didn't find it very interactive as compared to the button, like the escape button. The developers will understand the pain of the digital escape button, compared to the physical one.

AirPods are expected to be with an all-new smaller design since earlier apple launched an expensive version of Airpod Pro Max, mostly relevant for Amid music lovers. AirPods is said to be having features from AirPod Pro, with a shorter stem.


Since it been a year that Big Sur was launched in the year 2020, we are highly optimistic about the all-new designs, widgets, and features, along with the biggest updates to iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and other software advancements.

iOS15, is expected to have new lock screen, with different notification mode for driving, sleeping and working etc. We will be getting App tracking transparency in which user have the access to which app is taking how much data, so that the user is not confused. Read more about Apple App tracking transparency here: Click to reach. The iOS15 also have some exciting update for imessages.

As an in the domain of Software, we can expect IPadOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8, tvOS 15 that would be beneficial for not just the developers but the general public using the Apple products.

From the invite, we can see we have the emoji wearing a glass that is reflecting some of the macOS applications like Calendar and Xcode(A coding editor from the developers). We can predict that this could be the much-awaited Augmented reality glasses that can make the user use the Apple ecosystem more uniquely. On the contrary, we can also check some unique updates on the MacBook calendar like the support of the third-party calendar app.

Twitter community

The Twitter community also seems to be very excited, many users are predicting what they can expect like some update on imessages, such that it outcomes Whatsapp on its performance.

Many students winner of the swift student challenge has received their Swags to attend the event virtually, along with the swag, the winner has been rewarded with one year of individual membership of Apple developers program at no cost. If you are a student do not miss participating in WWDC 2022 students challenge. The winner will be able to download release software, request lab appointments, connect with Apple engineers over the WWDC 2021 content. The event gonna be excited one, you can watch the live stream from Apple's official website, youtube channel. Link:

Date and Time: June 7, 10 a.m. PDT

Medium: Virtual




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