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Windows 11

It has been 30 Years that Microsoft windows are part of human life. Windows has always amazed with many features time and time again. For almost 6 years windows 10 was an integral part of Windows users. During this corona induces time it was equally tough, as so many people have to switch to their work-from-home facility. So on 24 June 2021, windows launched its new Windows operating system that is Windows 11.

So of salient features of the new Windows 11 Operating System.

  • All new logo more rounder.

  • The Center screen start menu looks simple clean and beautiful.

  • Search bar to find the things in anywhere in our PC, Onedrive.

  • All-new themes.

  • The side-by-side view of the windows was used by many people, but now Microsoft took it to another level. Better grid options for those who like to work on multiple windows at once. Personally saying, that is the best feature of windows.

  • Windows 11, remember your grid selection, even if you have to work on something else for a while. With the shortcut to remember your grid selection and switch between your apps and the entire project is made very easy.

  • With the snap group event of unplugging your additional desktop now you can plug it back, and Windows 11 will remember our older grid/snap view and will reload it.

  • With the more advanced desktop features, you can now set up your desktop with altogether a new wallpaper and manage it for work, office, school all at one together.

  • Teams integration with windows, with a couple of clicks you can connect with anyone regardless of which device the person using. It more than just an office communication application.

  • All-new widgets are Artificial intelligence-powered which help you provide curated content for mid-work inspiration.

  • Latest windows 11 Xbox gaming innovation.

  • Android apps are coming to windows. The apps are discoverable in the Microsoft store, which is using the Amazon store. So now you can install these apps on your PC and use them like any other application.

  • The free upgrade will begin to roll out to eligible Windows 10 PCs around the holidays (so likely November or December), and will continue into 2022,

  • You can upgrade to window 11 free of cost on eligible Windows 10 around the holidays i.e. November or December.





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