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Unseen Benefits of Writing (Content Creation), Everyone Ignores.

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Bored, devastated, anxious but still writing single sentence every day will take you miles.

In this article, I will be sharing with you a different perspective of how writing a blogs or content creation, is more than just writing stories. Writing is said to be a way for an individual to share my thoughts, with the audience. You hustle, learn and grow along with the audience since a lot goes behind writing a simple article.

Moreover I will say many times we need to research a lot for a particular topics before writing an article. This activity helps you grow a lot and obviously the person who always keep on learning always shines.

Moreover I will say many times we need to research a lot for a particular topics before writing an article. This activity helps you grow a lot and obviously the person who always keep on learning always shines.

Table of content
· Genuine feedback
· Connection on social media, many discussion
· Improved my interpersonal skill
· Helped funneling my thoughts
· Final Thoughts

Genuine feedback

Feedbacks are very important whenever you are doing any task just to understand your double check your progress. Same goes with writing or even if you are creating video content.

Your friends and family will normally wont be giving you genuine feedbacks in most of the cases since they can always find good in you. I am in no way saying that it is incorrect, but thats just love which our family and friend share with us.

But the most genuine feedback that we get is from the audience for which you are writing or creating the content. For instance let me share with you about my story so in various blogs, I have people share their feedback on my content. Of Course some of them are like the content and others are not so happy as we can please everyone.

But consider the fact that they spend a minute telling me that they really appreciate what I am doing. It is kind of a motivating factor which even in the most sleepy nights wakes me up for doing little more.

On the other hand the audience who share there feedback for the blogs about the things which they expected but didn’t got. They are like a mentor in disguise who help me in improving. Believe me they are spending 5-10 minutes of their life, consuming our content and sharing there feedback. This is something we should always be cherished otherwise nobody got time for anyone.

But I heard various youtuber’s and medium writer who says they are thin skinned,and are scared while reading the feedbacks. For all those people I’ll recommend don’t take it too personally just read an evolve. Let’s assume you get on average 1000 comments, just filter those which are some learning for you.

Clearly I wont deny the fact that these comments can be very demoralising at times but I will highly recommend that you just laugh and keep going.

Connection on social media, many discussion

Another big plus point of content creation is that it helps in getting new social media connections which at times can be very helping.

Since we can’t deny the fact that social media is entirely different than the real world but there goes another outlook. That out of the multiple subscriber you have at least few would be a genuine. You might have a lot of discussions with them which would be helpful for both the you and your subscribers.

Personally I have got various linkedIn requests and emails from my audience who wanted to have good discussion. Even I try to help them as much as I can. In return, I get a relationship that last longer that just a social media friendship.

Isn’t it a blessing in disguise, and you never know who you meet next time. Think about this very clearly but what nobody will ever come to know you if aren’t putting yourself out. Nobody will ever recognise you and the opportunity that you might get will be lost forever.

Improved my interpersonal skill

Writing aur content creation in general help me improve as a person. Indirectly my mind is becoming capable enough to meet the thoughts which I might not be able to.

Personally being creative is something which will help you by making your mind sharp. We have to do a lot of thinking before writing even a single sentence. This is a activity which directly trains your mind to take decision based upon the earlier learning.

Never underestimate the power of your mind, creative muscle keeps on growing. Although there are not specific muscle in your brain which makes you creative. But it the combination of all the brain muscle which makes your smart and help you make new creative decisions.

Helped funneling my thoughts

This is by far the most important benefit that I got from content creation. From my personal experience I will say that you learn a lot while you are teaching something instead of just using learning on daily basis.

When you have to teach someone any particular topic, you have to research and funnel down your thoughts such that you have a crisp understanding of that particular topic which you wanted to teach.

And slowly we develop the skills to train our brain in such a way that we collect our thoughts which helps in improving our communication skill . While writing or creating videos for the topic you want to teach compel us to think on the spot which indirectly helps think our fast.

Final Thoughts

So writing, content creation helps you learn a lot of things. Exposure to various new topics, learning, researching about them helps you grow as a person.

Due to creative writing you have to think of various new topics at least on weekly basis. Trust me its not that easy as it look like, and it a sort of a exercise for your brain.

Keep in mind the above benefits which I experienced from content creation, even though I am not a regular write due to my busy schedule, I try to jot down my thoughts now and then.

You might experience or totally different set of benefits from writing daily.


About The Author

Apoorv Tomar is the Software developer and founder of Mindroast. You can connect with him on Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. Subscribe to the newsletter for the latest curated content



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