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Episode 3 | Technology News | Thursday, 16 September 2021

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

This technology news is one-stop for all the latest things happening in the technology (Specifically software development) world.

Postman New API Platform.

Postman is a well know tool for developing and testing API, used by over 15 million developers.

The postman has launched an all-new API Platform that will include a range of enhancements including deeper integrations with version control systems and another tooling. The launch of the new Private API network improvements to API documentation.

Additional feature assists with governance. You can read more about the launch from Postman CEO Abhinav Asthana himself in his blog post. Click to reach

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About the Author

Apoorv Tomar is a Senior software developer by profession and the man behind Mindroast. You can connect with him on Twitter and also find some good technical content on Youtube.



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