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Episode 1 |Technology News | Sunday, 2nd May 2021

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

The article comprises all the latest news related to technology.

F8 Refresh Hackathon

  1. Facebook's major developer event called F8 Refresh hackathon, inviting various developers and creators. The event will revolve around building immersive AR and AI solutions using Spark AR, The event will be running online from May 3-10, but the registration is already open.

  2. The participant can register to receive all the specific details about the hackathon.

  3. The participants can also join the Facebook group to connect with new teammates.

  4. Meanwhile, you can learn about the technology by visiting the following links Spark AR: Click to reach Wit AI: Click to reach

  5. Follow this link to register: Click to reach

Google IO

  1. Google IO is back online and is free for everyone since it is a digital event so access is available for all, unlike earlier where the event was limited to the availability of the seats.

  2. Date May 18 - May 20.

  3. Registration Link: Click to reach

  4. The full schedule can be found here. Click to reach

  5. You can accept find daily keynotes, workshops, Ask me anything session and meetups.



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