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Episode 20 | Technology News | Saturday, 19th February 2022.

Get updated about the latest curated news, event, hackathons and latest information happening in the technology world.

Table of content.
1. Geeks for geeks.
2. Angel Hack New Learn and Earn platform.
3. Enabling two-factor authentication.
  1. Geeks for Geeks Digest. Our all software developer's favourite Geeks for geek has something new for us, although it is the web digest February Edition. Web digest has lots of information regarding different events, opportunities, guides like Resume builder etc. A good for any software developer who wants to upskill and learn about different events. Following are some of the information that is covered. - Geek Shots. - Geeks for Geeks resume builder. - Geeks for Geeks coding competitions. - Job Opportunities. Important Link: Read more: Click to reach

  2. Angel Hack New Learn and Earn platform. Here is the chance to learn the latest web 2 and web 3 technology and earn USD 5000 along the process. Learn with curated learning and solve challenges. Angel Hack has partnered to provide you learn about various new technologies like - Ethereum. - Rust. - Python Also, other technologies used by Amazon, Facebook etc. It's a chance to earn while you learn, and get your hard-earned reward by linking your account. Important Link(Source Angel Hack) Get Early Access: Click here

  3. NPM, Enabling two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is nowadays accepted by most organisations for an extra layer of security. NPM has started implementing this functionality which will help you secure your packages. While login into using the website or app, you will be given a prompt with another form of which only you would be aware of. The two-factor authentication will also be implemented while you push your packages from the CLI tool, but for the CI/CD pipeline, you can generate a token that will work without any two-factor authentication. Important Link(Source: Read more: Click here


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