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Episode 19 | Technology News | Saturday, 12th February 2022.

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Table of content.
1. AWS Innovate - AI/ML Edition.
2. Google Cloud Professional Collaboration Engineer Professional Certificate program.
3. Graph For All Million Dollar Challenge
  1. AWS Innovate - AI/ML Edition Date: February 24, 2022 AWS came up with a new AI/ML session in which you will get a chance to learn about the way in which we can leverage the power of our data and make intelligent predictions based upon it. They will help you reduce the operational overhead, and attain the goal to improve the customer experience. Feature highlights. - AI/ML use cases. - Build, train and deploy ML models. - Machine learning infrastructure. - Scale and secure your ML workloads. Important Link (Source: AWS) Read more: Click to reach

  2. Google Cloud Professional Collaboration Engineer Professional Certificate program. Google cloud has come up with a course on Coursera, that will help you make a transition into becoming a collaboration engineer, it is the course which you can opt. This course can help you earn a google cloud professional collaboration engineer professional certificate. Important Link: Registration Link: Click to reach

  3. Graph For All Million Dollar Challenge As a software developer, you are always willing to learn something new, Graph technology is something which you can explore. Tiger Analytics has launched a million-dollar challenge, in which we can harness the power of Graphs to make the earth a better place to live. The are multiple topics that you can choose to build your solution around. - GRAPH FOR BETTER X. - GRAPH FOR BETTER EARTH - GRAPH FOR BETTER FINANCE - GRAPH FOR BETTER HEALTH - GRAPH FOR BETTER LEARNING - GRAPH FOR BETTER LIVING - GRAPH FOR BETTER SYSTEMS - GRAPH FOR BETTER WORLD You can choose amongst the above and start building and will prize worth 1 million dollars. Important Link(Source: Dev Post) Read more: Click to reach


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