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Episode 18 | Technology News | Saturday, 29th January 2022.

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Get updated about the latest curated news, event, hackathons and latest information happening in the technology world.

Table of content.
1. DockerCon 2022.
2. Technical interview tips from an engineering manager.
3. Hash Code, Google Team Programming Competition.
4. Introducing the Small Business Loans Initiative

  1. DockerCon 2022 Docker is a platform that makes your life of organisation easy by providing a platform in which the deployment is made systematic. Docker Con is a virtual online event, which includes - Pre-recorded keynote presentations - Instructor-led workshops - Interesting demos - Panel discussions - One on one interviews - Live entertainment - Networking opportunities for the community. Also in DockerCon various companies are coming together, whose infrastructure has docker integrated. You will get a chance to hear from the best, and learn about how they have leveraged the power of docker to the fullest. Also, Docker Cons are accepting CFP for this year's docker con which is going to happen on May 10. All the papers which will get selected would be a pre-recorded session that will be broadcasted on the day of the event, and the speaker will participate in the event by answering doubts.

  2. Technical interview tips from an engineering manager. Date: Thu, Feb 3, 2022 11:30 PM - 12:00 AM (UTC+5:30) If you are willing to nail your next technical interview, then here is your chance to hear the tips directly from the Engineering manager. There are various guides you will get on how you can ace successfully one to one manager round, technical rounds etc. So if you have a question in your mind "How to crack and coding interview ?", then what are you waiting for, don't wait to attend. Source ( Code mentor website) Link: Click to reach

  3. Hash Code, Google Team Programming Competition. Date: Thursday, February 24 So if you want to participate in the google programming competition then just want to let you know that the deadline is approaching to register. Hash Code gives you a glimpse of the coding experience at Google, whether you are experienced or a newbie at software development here is the chance to flex your coding skills. You can find the past years coding questions as well just for brushing up your skills. Important Link (Source: Registration Link: Link: Click to reach Past Archive link: Click to reach

  4. Introducing the Small Business Loans Initiative If you are a business owner and or need some funds for your business to grow, here is the time to rise and shine. Facebook has partnered with Indifi, an online lending platform that can help you financially to kick off your business. As claimed by Facebook they don't receive any revenue from this partnership, there are various benefits that you get after getting a loan from Indifi. - INR 2 lakh to INR 50 lakh loans. - No collateral and quick process. - Pre-defined interest range. - Support for women. - Quick support. Save money, save time by getting a quick loan, without paying any processing fee whatsoever. Important Link (Source: Read more: Click to reach.


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