Episode 16 | Technology News | Saturday, 8th January 2022.

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Table of content
1. Flutter Puzzle Hack.
2. RedisJSON: To turboCharge your application.
3. RPA- Robotic Process Automation with RPA Developer Camp.
4. Forrester Total Economic Impact of CloudGuard Network Security.
5. Bridge Crew.
6. Github India Externship.

  1. Flutter Puzzle Hack Date: 28 February 2022 @ 2PM IST A challenge which is been organised to check your flutter skill, and win a prize dollar 50,000. You have to build a slide puzzle which should creative yet solvable targeting Flutter for web. Judging criteria - Overall execution. - Originality. - Best potential value for community. - Best potential value for flutter. Important Link (Source: dev.io) Read More: Click to reach

  2. RedisJSON: To turboCharge your application. If you having an application, ofcourse you will always want to improve the performance. So with RedisJSON now you can upscale you application. RedisJSON is a real-time document store that allows you to build modern applications by using native high-performance APIs to ingest, index, query, and run full-text search on JSON documents. Panelist for the event would be 1. Ex-Gartner analyst, Sanjeev Mohan. 2. Redis Co-Founder & CTO, Yiftach Shoolman. Agenda - Main difference between existing document store vs RedisJson. - A live demo of a real-time ecommerce store built using RedisJSON Important Link: (Source: Redis.com) Read More: Click to reach

  3. RPA- Robotic Process Automation with RPA Developer Camp. Date: Sunday, January 23, 2022 RPA Developer Camp is a right from scratch Bootcamp and Diploma to get started with RPA and avail certain benefits for the same - Attend the upcoming Bootcamp by Industry Experts - Complete the Diploma on the UiPath Academy - Upload your Diploma on the Hack2skill Participant Dashboard Important Link: Register: Click to reach

  4. The Github ReadMe The ReadME Project is a GitHub platform dedicated to highlighting the best from the open source software community—the people and tech behind projects you use every day. In my honest opinion, I feel this is a great initiated by Github that will make work of the indivisuals recognised. The ReadMe project has a good list of gread read and listening podcast. Important Link: (Github ReadMe) Read More: Click to read

  5. Bridge Crew. A codified cloud security platform for developer, a good tool which can be explored if you goals is one of the following. - Identify infrastructure errors wherever they are, in your cloud accounts, workloads, or infrastructure. - Embedded into your workflows, embed cloud security directly into your code reviews and build pipeline to prevent errors to being deployed. Important Links: Read more: Click to read

  6. Github India Externship Octoverse GitHub "A great developer experience is on everyone’s mind. At work developers, managers, and organizations want tools and processes to be fast, delightful, and easy. In open source, project leaders and maintainers look for ways to make communities welcoming and sustainable." Github India externship although as of now the registration are closed, but it is a great way of giving students exposure by helping them engage with different companies. It is a 90 days fellowship program for third and pre final for Github Partner campus schools Student will get chance to choose amongst the available open source project and is a good chance to upskill them since they will guided by experienced mentors from the Industry. Some of the Key benefit - Paid Internship. - Work on Open source and DevSecOps projects. - Solve read world problems. Important Link: (Source Github Externship) Read more: Click to read

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