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Episode 15 | Technology News | Saturday, 29th December 2021

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Latest news about latest hackathon, events and upcoming technology.

Table of content
1. Cloud security blueprint by Check point.
2. CommunityHood guide for launching a community
3. Logic Behind Website DNS Resolution Guide, Never Get Amused Again.
4. Digital Currency Conclave 2022
  1. Cloud security blueprint by Check point. If you organisation is over the cloud which I am sure it is, you should be aware about the cloud security measures which you should consider. Check Point, A software technology company has come up with cloud security blueprint which will help you understand security concept and architectural principles. Important Link:(Source: Click Point) Read More: Click to reach

  2. CommunityHood guide for launching a community. Date: 4 th January 2021, 7 PM. So if you are planning to launch a community hood by like mind are annoucing an event on the topic things to do before launching a community. Discussion Point: - Assest your business goals. - Assess you users need. - How to choose your community platform. - How to set goals and KPIs to measure community success. - Organise your community management team. - Build a community engagement strategy. So what are you guys waiting for? Important Links( Source: Like mind) Registration Link: Click to reach

  3. Logic Behind Website DNS Resolution Guide, Never Get Amused Again. If you are amongst the curious one and want to learn about DNS resolution and how does a url like works then there is a wonderful article where you can read about it in depth. The link of the article you can find below. Important Link: Read Article: Click to reach

  4. Digital Currency Conclave 2022 Date: 11 - 12 January 2022 So all the bitcoin, ethereum, crypto currency enthusiast, here is the change to understand about the industry. Various bank in US are planning to come up with there crypto currently for b2b transactions. Even paypal company founded by Elon musk are also confirming that their platform can be used to buy and sell crypto currency in near future. Learn more about it in the conclave. Main topic of discussion - The need of digital currency. - The role of digital currency and assets in modern world. - The socio economic impact of digital currency. - The need to legitimise with digital currency. - Fighting financial frauds. - Building digital assets. - Cybersecurity and the need to build strong walls. Important Links (Source: Digital Currency conclave.) Read More: Click to reach


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