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Episode 14 | Technology News | Saturday, 16th December 2021.

Table of Content.
1. MongoDB Hackhathon.
2. DORA DevOps Quick Check.
  1. MongoDB Hackhathon. Date: Uptil 13 January 2022 Dev announces a brand new challenge with MongoDB which they are calling as MongoDB Atlas Hackathon. Hackathon provides you with the opportunity to learn about something new, you can also show off you creative skills. Again anyone participating in the hackathon will automatically becomes eligible to win prize. Prize 5 Grand Prize Winners (one in each category): - $1,500 USD gift card or equivalent - $300 USD credit to the DEV Show - MongoDB Swag Pack - DEV Sticker Pack - DEV “Atlas Hackathon” grand prize winner profile badge Runner-Up Prizes (10 Total): - $250 USD gift card or equivalent - $150 USD credit to the DEV Shop - MongoDB Swag Pack - DEV Sticker Pack - DEV “Atlas Hackathon” runner-up profile badge Participants (with a valid project): - DEV Sticker Pack - DEV “Atlas Hackathon” participant profile badge Important Link (Source: Read More: Click to reach

  2. DORA DevOps Quick Check DORA DevOps Quick Check is a tool by google, which helps you compare your devOps capability with the Industry which just simple 5 multiple choice questions. DORA DevOps Quick Check will help you understand which all are the field where you might need to focus more while moving you committed code to deployed code. The MCQ are - Lead time. - Deploy frequency. - Time to restore. - Change fail percentage. - Industry. Important Link: Read more: Click to reach

  3. Cloud Security Session Hosted by IBM. If you want to up skill yourself with cloud security features that you can implement into your project, IBM has provided you with the resources although the conference is already over. All the content is free and on demand download option are available. A global community of experts, industry expert came forward for an experience for dedicated cybersecurity professionals. Important Link: Read more : Click to reach


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