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Apple WWDC 2021 | Event Live Update

  • The event started at 10:30 PM Indian Standard time.

  • Craig Federighi announced IOS 15.

  • IOS 15, has an intuitive design

    • Facetime calling will have spatial audio.

    • Voice isolation in microphone. Block ambient noises.

    • Wide spectrum for the entire symphony of sound.

    • Video has grid view.

    • Portrait mode on the video call.

    • Facetime Link for scheduling facetime calls. Share it with an event.

    • Android and Windows, can use the browser to connect, which is end to end connected.

    • Share play, you can play music, watch movies with your friends, and share your screen.

    • Facetime works with HBO max, Disney, Hulu, Tik Tok, ESPN+, NBA, etc.

    • IOS 15, has all new notifications and is arranged based on priority.

    • IOS 15, has a different mode based on Do not disturb mode.

    • IOS 15, has focus mode, and based on user past activities that are more necessary like work notification. You can also create a custom focus mode and it is synced with all your device.

    • You can also search for photos, based on text present in the photos directly using the spotlight.

  • Apple Wallet

    • Apple wallet has a key option that can be used to access your card, home, or even your office entry.

    • Apple has an ID, currently for the US.

  • Weather

    • Animated weather app, based on the weather.

  • Apple Maps

    • The new map on Spain, Portugal, Italy, Australia including the country where it is already launched.

    • IOS 15, has more information about elevation, road colors, custom design landmarks, and nighttime mode with moonlight glow.

    • IOS 15 map has a good driving experience with lots of details like crosswalks, white lanes.

    • Maps will help you reach up to the last mile, with augmented reality.

  • Airpods

    • Conversation Boost, focus on the person talking to you, and you can also reduce the ambient noise.

    • Announced notification

    • Now you can search your AirPods using the Find my app.

    • Dynamic head tracking.

  • IPad OS 15.

    • Now you can add widgets on the home screen, fully and partially.

    • Even add the Apple TV widget.

    • Apple Library, which can categories your app.

    • You can also hide widgets if you don't need them, with the tap of a button.

    • Multi-tasking control on Ipad to move to split view or move the app into the shelf.

    • Ipad notes you can mention someone. Also, add tags in your node to filter it using a tag finder.

    • Now you can build code, using swift and run it full screen.

    • Submit it to the Apple App Store.

  • Apple App Tracking protects user privacy. It hides your IP address, your location. You can also check the app privacy report, which shows what data the apps are accessing.

  • Watch OS 8

    • Health, App for mindfulness with Apps like Reflect.

    • Sleep App, help you track your sleeping, by tracking your respiratory rate.

    • Watch OS 8 has different workout types.

    • Also available new music and workout routines.

    • Photos app redesigned for memory highlights and share images directly from the watch. Dictate the message you want to send along with the photo.

  • Mac OS Monterey.

    • Mac Os will have a focus mode similar to IOS 15.

    • Quick notes and notes like Ipad.

    • Universal Control, is a single mouse and keyboard to control Mac and Ipad. A very interactive way to use both devices. Even use spotlight on mac to use the IPad.

    • Use the keyboard of mac, for controlling your iMac.

    • Airplay to Mac, play, present anything on any Apple device.

    • Shortcuts to Mac, automate actions. Open different applications with shortcuts with the click of a button.

    • Safari has privacy reports, intelligent tracking, and 17 hours of the browsing experience.

    • Safari now has a tab group, for grouping common tabs.

    • Extension for Imac and Ipad similar to the MacBook safari.



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