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Apple | App Tracking Transparency

Updated: May 5, 2021

Apple has always kept user's privacy top-notch. With their new feature related to the data privacy of the end-user, Apple has launched an all-new feature of App tracking transparency.

With this new Apple feature of App tracking transparency, on your I-devices like iPhone, etc you will now see a prompt asking you to either " allow" or "restrict" the Apps to get your personal data like your age, health information, location, spending habits, gender, and other personal information, which they, in turn, share with other third party companies.

Now the choice will all be in your hand if you want to share your private data with these apps on your Apple devices. With the App tracking transparency feature we can already feel the power in our hand, which was missing till this age. But as users are becoming more aware of what can be done with their personal data, it is the need of the hours to introduce such feature. We at Mindroast, appreciate this feature, do share your thoughts on this all-new Apple feature.



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